05 January 2009

Tooth extractions part III

First. A Happy New Year to all.

On to the story.
Today I began the second part of my journey wearing dentures.
As you'll recall, last year I had my upper teeth removed and a
full upper plate made. I have gotten used to that. Solid solid
food is still, to this day, not all that easy for mr s. -that's
me- to eat. I finish last -and I am not racing- most of the time.

The lower teeth came out today. As of 11 EST (-5 GMT), I am totaly
with out my natural teeth.

I needed more Novacain today then I did last year. More to the tune of
four shots to the left jaw, three to the right and one, spaced along the
front gum. It all wore off around 1300 (1 PM).

I can speak well and have the occaisional twinge from the sutures.
Meds to combat the pain and infection. NO. I don't have an infection.
The meds for that are to keep it from developing.

In four weeks I begin the final steps in all of this. I'll have a mold
made of the lower gum. Five weeks later, with a week break to allow the dental
practice a vacation -their choice, not mine, I'll have my lower deture in place.

I am hoping that solid solid foods will be easier to eat. I will trully miss
a good deal of foods if it becomes too hard to eat. Corn on the cob and apples
being two of them.

I'll keep y'all posted.

More to come


Mr. Nighttime said...

Well, at the end of the day you may not have your own teeth, but you will have a regular smile when all is said and done, and will be able to eat without pain.

That has to be worth it all in the end. I'm sure Jen is happy for you.

Pink Diamond Workshop said...

Hi I can sympathise slightly with your teeth situatiion, check out my blog, I am in some pain today and that is 5 days later!
Take Care

Pink Diamond Workshop said...

Hi thanks for following my blog and your comments. I am glad you have finished your tablets now. I have been in some pain the last two night but I had an immediate denture put in place straight after the extractions and to be honest my dentist cannot believe how I am coping and taking with it she says i have done brilliantly. However the selling has gone down now and it is painful around the gums didnt have a good night last night but will persevere! Anyway chewing food I really am missing that sitting down to a proper meal instead of liquidised food, its getting me down a bit but I suppose it will only be for two to three weeks hopefully maybe good for my weight!
You take care and keep in touch. I will post a before and after picture of my new smile soon!