07 April 2011

One year, two months and a week or two

Has it been that long? I guess so. Last time I wrote, I had just enjoyed a refreshing week with my wife and son. I did that again this past February. I enjoyed it just as much.

Mom passed away last year -September. Cancer. Not going to say anything else about that. I still miss her. My birthday this year was tough on me. First one with out Mom.

Jen (my wife) is doing well and looking good. She's been going to the gym and losing weight.

Andrew (my son) is having a blast being a 9 year old going on 18. Handsome young guy is going to be a lady killer.

I just wish I would do the blog thing more than I do.

-More later

22 February 2010

Been a few months and A great week with my family

Sorry all. It's been nine months since my last post.
Mom's cancer is still there, tho not as bad as it was.
Andrew Jr. is in third grade and loving it.
My employer merged with another local company.

In other news.

I spent last week with my wife and son. Just the three of us.
We all enjoyed it. We don't get to do that very often and when
we do, we make the most of it. Dinner out every day.
A movie -Avatar- on Friday. Lounging around the house on Satutrday.
It recharges our batteries. And allows us time to reconnect.

I'd do it more if I could afford to. maybe next life :-)

-More Later

28 April 2009

It rears its ugly head

Sorry it's been so long.

The big C. Cancer.

It has reared its ugly head. AGAIN. Just when I thought that it wouldn't return.
A family member has it. AGAIN. I hate the diease. With a passion. I have a member of the family who has had multiple forms of it. I have had family members die from. it. I do NOT want to watch another one.

I guess it all stems from watching, DAILY, a loved one battle aginst it.
It comes from watching, DAILY, a loved one succom to the ravages of it.
It comes from knowing that, because of things I did, I am more prone to coming
down with it.

I keep this family member in my prayers.
I ask you, my reader(s), to keep that person in yours.
You may not know me personally. Nor I you. I do thank you
if you do do this.

More to come

10 January 2009

British to save e-mail records

It appears that the USA isn't the only country to think about spying on their populace. The British government has put in place rules that would require ISPs to keep records of every e-mail sent or received.

"The rules, which come into effect by March 15, implement a 2006 European Union directive. Service providers will not store the content of e-mails, and the government says there is no threat to individual privacy."

Ok, so there'd be no threat to privacy. Maybe so. Maybe not.

As an example I have a cousin who lives in Britain. (I do, btw)
Any e-mail I send to or receive from her will have a record kept.
Will the British government, at some later time, want to expand this to
include keeping an eye on what is said? Can it be kept safe? Will it be shared?
If so, by whom will it be shared.

Big Brother is watching, and it worries me.

more to come.

05 January 2009

Tooth extractions part III

First. A Happy New Year to all.

On to the story.
Today I began the second part of my journey wearing dentures.
As you'll recall, last year I had my upper teeth removed and a
full upper plate made. I have gotten used to that. Solid solid
food is still, to this day, not all that easy for mr s. -that's
me- to eat. I finish last -and I am not racing- most of the time.

The lower teeth came out today. As of 11 EST (-5 GMT), I am totaly
with out my natural teeth.

I needed more Novacain today then I did last year. More to the tune of
four shots to the left jaw, three to the right and one, spaced along the
front gum. It all wore off around 1300 (1 PM).

I can speak well and have the occaisional twinge from the sutures.
Meds to combat the pain and infection. NO. I don't have an infection.
The meds for that are to keep it from developing.

In four weeks I begin the final steps in all of this. I'll have a mold
made of the lower gum. Five weeks later, with a week break to allow the dental
practice a vacation -their choice, not mine, I'll have my lower deture in place.

I am hoping that solid solid foods will be easier to eat. I will trully miss
a good deal of foods if it becomes too hard to eat. Corn on the cob and apples
being two of them.

I'll keep y'all posted.

More to come